We manufacture for your brand

Our products are handmade to meet the needs of each of our customers, this allows us to offer infinite possibilities in terms of size, leather, materials and colours. We work exclusively with the highest quality leathers and whose origin is Spain.

Our experience is more than enough to allow you to entrust us with the production of your products or the tailor-made development of your future projects. Choosing at all times the quality that best suits your budget and with the total guarantee and logistical advantages of manufacturing in Spain. Benefit from the traditional handcrafted manufacture in Spain as well as the best materials.

Send us your design. We are not limited only to our product line, we can make custom-made products with your logo and adjusted to your needs. We can also make variations within our references by changing details and combining colours.

As for our own handcrafted creations, at ABEL PIEL the entire manufacturing process is manufactured and made with a real love for detail. We treat the leather with the utmost delicacy. This is reflected in its functional, versatile and uncluttered designs. In addition to our own designs, we also work with personalisation. Always with the best advice as an undeniable principle reflected in an exquisite and direct treatment with the customer.

If you are press, you can contact us by phone: +34 925 418 035
or by email: carlos@abelpiel.com